Summer Fashions

I know summer is ending soon but I thought I would do a small fashion post c; 



This outfit (pictured above) is personally one of my favorites. It has a serious vibe about it and it looks like something you would wear to an evening event.

Shirt: Leopard Sweater 

Skirt: Tiered Tulle Skirt

Shoes: Furry Boots

Bracelet: Flower Lily Bracelet

Head Item: Gem of a Friend Collector Crown

Face Item: Bunny Sunglasses


This outfit is more playful and childish. I love the bright colors and the relaxed feeling it gives off.

Shirt: Tie Dye T-Shirt

Skirt: White Angel Skirt

Shoes: Furry Boots

Body Item: Scout Sash

Head Item: Antelope Hat

Hand Item: Egg Basket

I hope this gave you ideas for summer fashions. If you need help getting some of these items, or if you do not know how to get them feel free to leave a comment below.

xoxo BearvilleBlogger



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xoxo BearvilleBlogger